meet our coaches

head coach reza

Coach Reza has been a part of ROCCS for over a decade, ever since his eldest daughter joined the ROCCS Summer Camp in 2010. Many rowing seasons later, Reza’s daughter has graduated from college on a rowing scholarship, and Reza continues to coach kids and adults at ROCCS.

When not on the water, Reza can be found cycling around Inverness, or cooking up some South Asian classics like fish head curry! 

When students join ROCCS, they are being challenged in ways they have probably never been challenged before. Even though they start with no rowing experience, and sometimes with no prior athletic experience at all, they are able to learn, grow, and excel. Being a part of each new rower’s transformation from novice to expert is what drives me to continue coaching.”

I’m proud to say that in the past few years, ROCCS has become increasingly competitive, earning Gold medals in the Freshman Men’s Double at States, and more recently earning Bronze in the Men’s Double at Regionals, which simultaneously qualified the team for Nationals. ROCCS has also ranked among the Top 10 in the coxed Men’s Four at the Head of the Hooch Regatta in Tennessee.”

Crew is very technical, and I’ve learned that novice rowers will pick up various skills at different paces. Similarly, time and time again, I’ve seen that one set of instructions does not always work for everyone in the boat. It just takes some patient and creative coaching to help all rowers understand a drill. Never give up on a rower!”

coach chad

Chad has been involved with ROCCS since 2016, when his son, Jackson, was invited to attend a rowing interest meeting at school. Both Jackson and Chad were immediately hooked, and dove headfirst into crew! One year later, Chad obtained his Coaching Certification and started helping Reza coach ROCCS.

When not on the water, Chad can be found cooking up a delicious meal, cycling around town, SCUBA diving, or fishing.

“Rowing requires intense concentration and patience, and no matter how good you get, there is always more to learn and improve upon. I love guiding other people through the process and seeing their confidence and speed build. ROCCS is a family of extremely dedicated and incredible people, and I love being a part of this team.”

A few weeks after Jackson and I attended the ROCCs interest meeting, Coach Reza asked me if I would like to row in the Head of the Hooch Regatta in Tennessee. I spent two weeks learning how to row before entering the competition, where my rowing partner and I successfully accomplished our two goals of A) not flipping the boat and B) not coming in last. Since then, I’ve gone on to compete in every opportunity I can find, and have even medaled in a few!”

“Rowing requires a ton of patience. Very few people ‘get it’ on the first try. I tell people to give themselves permission to be uncomfortable and to make mistakes. Everyone was a beginner at some point, so even though you may be the only beginner in the boat, we all know what you are going through.

Aside from patience, my coaching philosophy revolves around helping people understand ‘why’ we do the drills we do, and how each element of the rowing stroke makes the boat go faster, or not. Rowing is as much mental as it is physical.”

Coach bobby

Coach Bobby has been rowing for about 21 years, and has been with ROCCS for about five of them. 

When not coaching, Bobby can be found hanging out with his wife and dog, or working in public affairs to improve local election processes.    

“I love coaching rowing because of the way the sport can become a lifelong mission. The kids are also a big part of it, and seeing the way they grow through rowing makes it all worth it.”

“Rowing-wise, I was Southeast Regional Champion for Men’s Varsity 4 in 2006 and 2007; Florida State Champion for Men’s Varsity 4 in 2006 & 2007; and State Champion for Men’s Junior Varsity 4 in 2006.”

“To focus as much on the mental aspect of rowing as the physical training.”

coach juan

Like Reza and Chad, Coach Juan also started out as a “crew parent,” and was inspired to become more involved when he saw how dedicated and family-oriented ROCCS was. 

When not coaching rowers, Juan can be found teaching Krav Maga, defensive tactics, and CrossFit to law enforcement officers and civilians.

“One of the greatest honors in life is being a role model. Coaching affords me the opportunity to inspire and motivate people to be successful, not only in sports but, in life.”

“I am proud to have served my community for 17 years as a law enforcement officer at the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO).”

“Stay motivated, always give your 100%, and remember that EVERYONE adds value to the team. Anything that can be done to improve the individual character of your athletes gives your team a better chance for success.’”

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