giving back roccs

ROCCS is proud to support the Inverness community through initiatives that build strength, courage, and compassion. Your support means the world to us, and helps us do what we do best.

protecting our wetlands

We spend hours on our local lakes every day, so as you can imagine, we’re pretty attached to them! We do our part to keep the lakes clean and healthy through volunteer clean-up events hosted throughout the year. Family and friends are always welcome to join in!

lending a hand

ROCCS athletes also participate in food drives, fundraisers, and miscellaneous programs designed to benefit Citrus County residents and beyond.    

Pictured left are ROCCS volunteers filling boxes for Relief Share, a nonprofit started by ROCCS founding member Dan Carella. Relief Share donates surplus medical supplies to developing countries around the world.

why support roccs?

support youth fitness

• Un-fun fact: Out of all 50 states, Florida ranks #9 for childhood obesity. With your help, we can tackle the problem locally, by helping Citrus County kids stay active, fit, and engaged in the world around them.

come together

It can be tough to find an issue that we all agree on these days—but keeping kids healthy and active is one of them. Supporting ROCCS helps unite our community, and looks pretty good on a CV, too.

help level the playing field

We believe that the benefits and opportunities which rowing offers should be accessible to everyone. By supporting ROCCS, you help us bring affordable rowing to everyday folks.


Readying groups of young rowers for regattas and activities is a task that can always use an extra set of hands! If you want to support ROCCS in a non-financial way, consider donating your time as a volunteer. To inquire about available opportunities, just reach out to us here.     

ROCCS Supports you

Part of our mission is to bring rowing to as many interested people as possible. If you or someone you know wants to row, but is not able to do so due to financial reasons, please contact our Board of Directors at to learn about our financial aid options.